Speed 2000

The SPEED 2000 is a steer- and flareable reserve parachute,  that has been successfully used in novice parachute training for over 25 years. All sizes are approved for 115Kg and 150knots.

The best  size will be matched to your body weight .  PARATEC´s  recommendation for the max.  suspended weights per size do also respect the fact,   every potential user has no jump/ landing experience on parachutes.

The Wingman Philosophy

As  long term parachute manufacturer for the military and sport market , we wondered, why

emergency parachute technology did not adopt our important technical  innovations and experiences gathered in the last 30 years.

People using parachutes every day to practice their various sport disciplines, or to perform  their demanding military duties, have stepped back from using round parachutes many years ago.

Most advanced emergency parachute worldwide

The smart things about the WINGMAN using square parachute technology:

very low rate of descent in comparison to round parachutes – even when fully loaded. The parachute is in 50% brake and forward speed configuration after opening. In this configuration you can change direction away from obstacles with the risers and the parachute will land you safely .

If you release the brakes lines actively and by intention (see manual or video for details), you increase forward speed and rate of descent. Holding on to the brake lines by the toggles you use them to change direction and pull them down to shoulder level to flare for landing.

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